Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012


In a distant future, in a galaxy millions of light-years away from earth, two natives of the planet ^δ<ι, Master Kebes and his neophyte, are sitting on a sacred peak of something that would resemble a mountain, and looking at something that would correspond to the sky.
“Let us delight in imagining alien forms, my dear neophyte,” Master Kebes said. “There is much about the universe that we don't understand. But surely we're not alone, are we? These creatures, ah, these creatures, just imagine what these creatures may be like. How extraordinary! They must be different from us, their intelligence…hm, something utterly unlike we know, something utterly beyond our comprehension …"
“Yes, Master,” the Neophyte responded thoughtfully. “Far beyond anything we can imagine…”.
But in an odd coincidence that only the universe can offer, little do they know that, at their moment of speaking, only twenty-eight light years away, invaders in armoured space cruisers are progressing towards them. Those are the conquerors of space, as conquering others is the custom in their land. They are looking for a new place in which to settle, and, as it happens, they found planet ^δ<ι to be a fit home.
Those are spaceships full of rough, boastful “legal pirates,” the so-called ‘Privateers,' who are sailing under the Terranian banner and a letter of marque. And there is written therein that “with full and free licence, authority and power to sail through all parts and regions of space, [the Privateers should] find, discover, conquer, occupy and possess newly discovered planets, and these in whatsoever part of the universe placed, which before this time were unknown to all Terrains. Having undertaken this voyage, [they should] plant the first colonies for the enlargement of our Empire and Dominion…[and do everything necessary for] the later transport of ample colony of Earthlings. And be it further enacted, that parts inhabited by “certain barbarous creatures,” “having no knowledge of a higher being,” are “to be removed from the lands where they now reside," and by the powers bestowed upon them, [the Privateers can] attack, take captive, destroy and otherwise plunder.”
Indeed, it is a dangerous and insidious alien race, whose brains and civilizations Master Kebes and his neophyte will never be able to comprehend. Story, art and inks by ©Vladislav Boskovic - 2011.